"To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men."...Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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Social Media: Creating Hatred in the 21st Century

Written by Bryan Michael

Social Hate Website

Kike, wop, chink, slope, spic, nigger, raghead, redneck, faggot, honkey, asshole.  Do these words create hate and anger as one reads them?  Will people believe that I am a racist because I choose to start my article with these words?


Bernie the Grand Illusion: Why I Would Not Vote for Him

Wrtten by Bryan Michael

Bernie Webiste V2


When I look at what kind of candidate I want to vote for, there are three questions that I ask more than anything.  1)  Do they run a negative campaign?  2)  Do they run a campaign where they are doing what is best for the entire country and all of the people. 3) Is the person real or just saying stuff to get elected?  This is what true politicians need to do and understand when running.  I know people say I am dreaming but no one is going to tell me that this person is not our there.

When the campaign started for the 2016 election, the one thing I made sure I did that I had never done before was to become more informed about what was happening.  Not only about the candidates but about the agenda that was being pushed down our throats.


An Ironic Country: Did the 99% Help to Create the 1%?

Written by Bryan Michael


The 1% are evil.  The 1% is the reason why the problems of this country exist.  The 1% are greedy and only care about making money.  The 1% have made their money on the suffering of the 99%.  The 1% have more wealth than most of the free world.  The 1% are buying every election.  We have heard it so much over the past years that the wealthiest 1% of this world is responsible for most of the problems of the world.  If only they were treated the same as the 99%, then the world would be so much better and more even.  But is that reasonable?


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  This blog site was created to allow for people to read the comments, links and blogs with an open mind and comment freely and openly showing respect for those who were brave enough to express their opinions. Let us not forget the words of Abraham Lincoln in 'The Gettysburg Address,' November 19, 1863 when Lincoln stated, "and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Let us remember that WE are those people.


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